• Architecture is the environment inside which we spend our lives; it inhabits the landscapes we travel through. Like architecture, furniture is designed around the space of the body; the difference is one of scale.

    Working at the intersection between the space of the body and that of architecture I seek to enliven our awareness of the spaces where we live and re-examine the objects we associate with.

    Objects can tell us a story about those who made and used them. Adopting these stories, each piece gives that history a literal and proverbial home.

    In this work, every intervention draws a measure of its design from the object itself; referencing vernacular architecture, model making, sheds, tree houses, bridges and other structures. Separating themselves from the world of functional buildings through change of scale and context the works reveal and celebrate the logic of stick-frame construction.

  • Ted Lott is an artist, designer and craftsperson who believes that thinking and making are two sides of the same coin. Born and raised on the shores of Lake Michigan, Lott has resided in twelve different states and visited every one but Alaska. He has been an Artist-in-Residence at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Kohler Arts/Industry Program, Haystack School, Vermont Studio Center, and elsewhere. Lott received his M.F.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his B.F.A. from the Maine College of Art. His work; encompassing sculpture, architecture, furniture, and public art has been exhibited in museums and galleries across the country.